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Are you tired of endlessly searching for the most low-priced auto insurance? You need look no further. Simply enter your zip code at the top of this page to start comparing rates from the top ranked auto insurance providers in your area.

Comparing car insurance rates is a necessity for anyone who wants to save money. Comparison shopping will ensure a person finds the cheapest car insurance rates in their locality. Two separate insurers may be equally adept at paying out claims and customer service yet not charge the same amount for the same insurance, but more on that later. There are actually several ways that a person can save money on their insurance regardless of which company and policy they choose.

  • Opt for Higher Deductibles

Anyone who wants cheap auto insurance rates should always opt for a higher deductible on their policy. Deductibles are the amount of money a person must spend on repairing their car before their policy kicks in. An individual who increases their deductible from two hundred dollars to one thousand dollars can decrease their insurance rates by up to forty percent. The policyholder can then periodically put aside the money that they save just in case they are in an accident and have to pay the higher deductible amount.

  • Avoid Lapses in your Coverage

Many car insurance companies use insurance lapses as an opportunity to disqualify their policyholders from any discounts. This can easily drive up a low premium, so it is imperative to pay for the policy by the time the due date rolls around.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Coverage

Anyone looking for cheap auto insurance quotes needs to refrain from purchasing coverage that they don’t really need. This often includes comprehensive and collision coverage. Individuals who own older cars that have a minimal market value may benefit from dropping these types of coverage. Damage to these vehicles will often not exceed the deductible, so it is usually just a waste of money.

  • Avoid Duplicate Coverage

People often take out high personal injury protection amounts thinking that they may need it in case of an accident, but this is often wasteful for a person who has decent healthcare insurance. Having great health benefits and high protection for personal injury is often just redundant.

  • Carpool


Many companies are able to provide cheap car insurance rates for policyholders who accrue fewer miles on their car than the average driver. This type of discount seems almost common sense seeing as how a driver is much less likely to be involved in an accident when they don’t drive as much. Not all companies do this, so it is important to ask this question upfront.

Car Insurance Comparison

Most people simply don’t understand why they need to compare car insurance quotes before deciding on a specific company. Everyone sees car insurance commercials on a day-to-day basis touting how their prices are fifteen percent lower or hundreds of dollars less than their competitors. This seems like a great deal until it becomes obvious that all insurance companies are making these same claims. It’s very evident that not all of these companies can really have the lowest prices.

There is one thing in all of these commercials, however, that is actually true. The simple fact is that there are great differences in car insurance rates between companies. The reason that every insurer can get away with making these claims on their commercials is the fact that they are telling the truth in some instances. Finding the best auto insurance providers may seem like an impossible task once an individual knows how much and why insurance premiums vary so much.

The Los Angeles Times newspaper did a bit of research in 2012 to see how car insurance rates differed between companies in their area. It was discovered that one married couple with a clean driving record was offered a premium of around forty-three hundred dollars by one insurance company. That same couple, however, was offered a premium of around two thousand dollars by a different company in the same area. These different rates were for the exact same policy, so it is pertinent that an individual looking for coverage perform the best auto insurance comparison that they possibly can.

Even though someone with the aforementioned information may finally realize the importance of searching for cheap car insurance rates, it is also beneficial to understand why these rates can vary so drastically. The simple fact is that some insurance companies do not like providing certain policies in specific areas. One company, for instance, may not like providing comprehensive coverage in an area that is known for high crime rates. This would likely be due to the fact that comprehensive coverage would entail covering vehicle theft. These companies cannot outright deny a person comprehensive coverage, but they can definitely price this type of insurance accordingly.

How to Perform Comparison Insurance Shopping

Consumers have a few different options when they want to compare prices in an effort to find the cheapest and best auto insurance providers. Some people still use the age old method of calling around to different companies in their area. This often isn’t very easy due to the fact that most people work the same hours as their potential insurance providers, and not many of these companies have 24/7 customer service lines. This is one of the main reasons many people have decided to find their car insurance quotes online.

Comparing car insurance rates over the Internet far exceeds doing so over the phone in efficiency and effectiveness. Online comparisons are quick, and often take only seconds for a page to load with several different companies’ quotes once a person has entered their information a single time. Calling around to different companies, however, requires giving several agents the same information over and over again. This is excessively time consuming and can often make a person hate the whole process altogether.

Anyone who is looking to save time and money can enter just a few pieces of information above and get the best car insurance deals in their town.

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